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    Name: Harry Hughes

    D.O.B: 29/10/1991

    Current Employment: Retail


    Hows life?

    I’m still here so cant complain.

    So you know, this interview is in no particular order, could it mess up the “flow” , maybe, but if you’ve heard that Aphex Twin song “Windowlicker” there is sort of a flow, but because there is no real flow, it really creates the song, hopefully it will be the same way with the interview. Also, I would have to call you and interview you, due to the time difference and my work schedule;, that’s not happening, hope you can comply.


    What’s the week in the life of Harry Hughes?

    I don’t really stick to a schedule, other than contracted hours and when I’m trying to exercise, but it always seems to be busy. When I’m not working something usually comes along to keep me out of trouble, or land me in it.

    How’s the social life?

    I think if I spent half as much time working as I do with my social ventures I wouldn’t be so broke. But I think you have to live a little, I’m sure the tables will have turned in another twenty years.



    What age did art start to interest you?

    I have a pretty awful memory, but I have seen pictures of me with Crayola in my fat fists as a small child, so I guess it must have appealed to me back then.

    When did you realize you want to become an illustrator?

    It’s always been an art form that appeals to me, so I don’t know if I ever really came to a decision. But it interests me more drawing something with narrative and movement, as opposed to still life or any fine art. It sounds mercenary, but the money you can make is also a factor. Unfortunately with fine art it seems you have to die or cut off your ear before you actually make it. Granted you can make millions as a fine artist, but its much more difficult to make a name for yourself in that world, It’s much more critical.

    Are you political?

    I’m not serious enough.

    Did you vote?

    Yes, though I can’t say I make a convincing job of it. When we received the papers for the local election I changed the names of some of the candidates before submitting it. Needless to say mine was probably one of the spoilt papers.

    How has social media helped your artwork?

    I think its Impossible not to be influenced by social media nowadays. Film is probably the big one for me. There’s so much to take in when you watch a great film and I sometimes try to slip references into my work. Bit of a nod to the creator. But it’s the same with anybody I think, if you see something that catches your eye you tend to reflect that in what you do.

    Do you grab inspiration from other artists on Behance?

    Behance is full of Inspiring artists, so its difficult not to.


    You Behance famous?

    I don’t think I am famous in any sense of the word

    What is your social media presence like?

    I try to keep a low profile genuinely, I know its good to promote yourself but I don’t like to bombard people. Socially I think its better to be out in the real world as opposed to being sat behind a computer.

    I find this day in age, everyone wants to be a “creative person” , in this case, what are signs that tell if someone is taking an “art” course as a ride or an actual die hard artist?

    I don’t think there are many people who take a creative course knowing exactly how they were going to come out the other end. I have seen a lot of ‘die hard’ fine art and Fashion students, who’s minds seem to have no connection to their body. Some of the work they come out with is profound, they are as scary creatively as they are socially. But for the most part I think art students, whatever they specialize in, are in it for the ride. I think artists tend to be the wild ones, none of us are completely sane.

    What music are you currently into at the moment?

    I have a diverse taste in music to say the least, one minute I’m listening to Bon Jovi the next it’s DMX 

    All time favorite musician?

    Ben E King perhaps?

    You play any sports?

    Occasional game of pool, is that a sport?

    You a gamblin’ man?


    If I had any money to gamble with…

    What is Mozart to you ?

    He’s not on my playlist, maybe I’m uncultured?

    I only like to gamble when I know I am 200% right because 100% isn’t enough these days, then again I only gamble on Facebook poker

    I’ve seen your art for the REVERB LIVE stage, it was so good. What I loved is when that asshole tried to diss the painting how its as New York as Scotland or something, do you get assholes trying to critique your work often?

    Well we cant all like the same things, he’s entitled to his own opinion on my work, although it seemed his mother quite liked it the night before (laughs) I jest, in all seriousness I’m open to criticism, I think if you learn to take what people say, even though it might not be helpful at the time, and turn it into something constructive you can actually improve what you do. Often your greatest critic is your deepest admirer.


    Do you laugh cause they can’t draw as good as you?

    No, there’s always someone better than you.

    Im sure your friends must ask you to draw them shit all the time cause your style is just badass, its not opinion, IGN was all, YOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    Not really actually, there’s the occasional doodle here and there but yeh, IGN seemed to like it.


    Man, your art is HOT HOT HOT!!! Everyone wants a piece of the 88, do you extort money out of people for little samples of nu-aged van goh ?

    The 88? That’s a new one! I do commissions here and there but I wouldn’t say that I’m in demand. 

    Sounds awesome, how do you make time to do illustrations for both the clothing company and a comic book?

    Truth is I don’t, I am usually terribly unmotivated. I’m surprised that the first issue made it out!

    What do you prefer? 

    I get paid to draw either way, so its all the same to me.

    Do you think people need to go to art school?

    I don’t think there’s a need. You can’t force someone to be good at something. If you want to, then go for it, its good to hone your craft. Equally I think that a lot of talent speaks for itself, the grades you get are irrelevant in most cases. There are some people out there who don’t have the grades but are really successful, and equally I know people who have gone through Uni and have the talent and grades to be someone, but are stacking shelves with me.


    In this digital world, do you think it is important to maintain your physical art skills or just conform to digital art? 

    Digital art is great, so I can’t shoot it down. I think there is an authenticity to hand crafted work which keeps it relevant, but I’d love to try my hand with the digital tools.

    What are your influences to draw the way you do?

    There’s so much out there that influences me, It’d be a long and painful list.

    How did you design the characters?

    It takes a while if you don’t have a strong idea to start with, but I lay it all down and tear away at it until I’m left with the best bits, then I build up from there. Sometimes you’re finished in an hour sometimes you worry about the rainforests looking at all the paper you’ve gone through… sometimes. 

    Is your family supportive of your line of work?

    Yes, which is encouraging. 

    It’s a lot different in this day and age, its like blue collar jobs aren’t the main thing anymore, art is now more welcoming

    I don’t know if that’s what I’ve found, the art word has never been a welcome one!

    The cover for episode two plays on masks from plays, are you paying homage to Stratford-upon-Avon’s theatre scene?


    No I’m not that smart, that was something Nick came up with. Perhaps he was watching a play at the time?

    What was it like growing up in shipston-on-the-stour?

    It’s a tad removed from anything exciting, but it seems I survived.

    Did you hang out with local legend and arguably the coolest guy in the whole West Midlands, Mike Foster?



    In a way you both have bosses telling you what to do , what gives you more freedom, the comic or the clothing company vs your boss at Tesco?

    I don’t seem to get on well with people in charge. Power, if you can call it that, seems to get to their heads. I probably would not be allowed to say that what I think of my job, but if I was to be making more money from my artwork, I would have walked a long time ago.

    Since the clothing company is still under-construction and Tesco, well, it’s Tesco, Snow The Dawn has given you the most fame, with Issue one being well respected by IGN and the One Shot being a success also landing you a spot on the Dimthroat team, even starting to see some currency from it, do you agree that Snow is the best thing for you currently?

    I wouldn’t really use the word ‘fame’ but Snow is working out best for me so far with regard to income, so I’m all for it.


    Do you design all the panels or does Nicky-poo give you insight on how it should look?

    “Nicky-Poo” I think I’ll take that one. It’s a team effort, we map it all out in rough before I go ahead and do the real thing. So naturally there’s a lot of heated discussion and yelling.

    Do you use any drugs or alcohol to give you inspiration or to help you go through the drawing process, or is drawing a high of its own?

    Usually I have had enough the night before to keep me in the zone, so it’s a natural transition I don’t give too much thought to. But when it goes to pot I have a bottle of rum on my desk.

    How long did it take you to draw Snow Vol.1 because it was in color?

    Far too long, it fast became a burden. I couldn’t give you an exact time frame. 

    How long did it take you to do the One-Shot? , by the way, it being in black and white gave it this sinister look, my goodness was it visually beautiful.

    Thanks, I think it took about a month.  


    Do you draw it all on paper and then scan it in, then Nicky does all the captioning?

    Spot on. 

    You guys have a bond , I don’t know if you watch NBA, but its like Nick lays up the Ally-Oop and you dunk it , lets call you guys the Clippers.

    That sounds a little sinister, like an evil Barbour duo. Sweeny Todd and Edward scissor hands maybe?

    Or , its like the matrix, where Nick does all the coding and you are like neo, or something, I have to re-watch the matrix.

    If I’m Neo he’s more like agent smith; gunning me down against a wall.

    When is issue two coming out?

    When it’s finished?


    Care to recommend five movies for the world to watch?

    Ok, Go watch ‘Days of Future Past’, because it’s just come out. But give ‘Drive’,  ‘Warrior’, ‘Toy Story’ and ‘The Iron Giant’ a watch too.

    Any artists in particular that you want to give recognition to, for no reason in particular?

    JUGULAR…. You know who you are!

    Hey, just because people tell you you’re a shit artist or that art is stupid doesn’t mean they are right, it just means you are making things happen in your life and they are jealous so they want to bring you down to their low level, keep your chin up kid.

    (laughs) thanks for the advice


    Reviews For Snow, Be Amazed






  11. West Midlands, making this happen! 

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  12. Bournemouth, UK

  13. I met Nick during my years of college in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. He’s a Goode dude with his head set straight & is brighter than a lightbulb, a lot of people undermine him as some wanna-be indie kid that reads and likes obscure shit, when in reality , he is the Indie-King, never mind kid. I really don’t know what else to say other than i’ve bought everything he and Harry (Hughes, Illustrator) have published because its quality, these guys know what they want and are willing to get the job done. 

    Nick is also someone great to watch series with cause he knows semiotics and theories and we can geek out about hidden meanings allowing more light to be shed on questionable details.

    " My name is Phil and for 5 years I have been stranded on tumblr with only one goal, to be a journalist or photographer, now in 2014 I have succeeded at both, but in order to maintain it I must find those in need " Goode Arrow 

    Before the interview starts I would like to say

    R.I.P Tear Of Eden


    Name: Nick Goode                


    D.O.B: 22/12/1991


    Currently Residing: The Land of Shakespeare


    What makes you so “Special”:


        My Cole Haan’s


    Fun fact about yourself:


        I like Elton John….(Rocket Man at the end of Californication Season 3, amazing!)


    What does writing mean to you?


        Pure creativity


    How cool is Spike Jonze?


        Big fan of Spike Jonze, I’ve yet to see Her though, I’ve heard a lot of good things.


    For people who dont know, what is Snow the Dawn?


        Snow: The Dawn is a comic book that myself and one of my best friends created a year or so ago.


    How does one create a story like that, does one have to first create the universe first?


        Bit of both, the starting point for Snow for us was his power and how to keep it somewhat realistic. We worked on that a lot, the idea of having a universe from Snow probably didn’t happen until we completed the first issue and we realized that there are a ton of stories to tell in this universe. Snow is just the starting point of that universe.


    I guess the cool part about creating a universe is that you can do little stories in it, like when you released that one shot. That one shot was really cool, howd you manage to get that happening?



        Energy was the result of being contacted by DimThroat Comics, We were asked if we wanted to be involved in an anthology of stories they were releasing. Harry and I discussed it and we thought it would be cool to see another part of this universe, a short story but one that gives more insight into the overall arch of Snow.

    Are you signed?  

        DimThroat is distributing Snow sometime this year in the US, in the UK it is available through UK on Display or alternatively it is available worldwide through Comixology.


    Do girls dig writers?


    Is Team Goode & Hughes going to power through the second issue, keep the hype alive or you doing more one shots to keep the universe growing?


        At the moment our main focus is to continue Snow, we are hard at work on the second issue, that’s not to say though that at some point down the line we won’t do another one shot. I have a couple of ideas banging about, but right now we’re focusing on Snow.


    In the universe, what content did you create to give it depth and meaning?


        There is quite a bit that we like to think gives it depth, the characters, the world, the backdrop its set against, the companies within it. Politics are quite a big component of the world of Snow, it all unravels and you kind of see what makes this new world tick.



    A project of this magnitude requires time and effort, with a little sacrifice, what did you have to sacrifice?


        My sanity for a summer haha, i guess i just sacrificed a lot of free time, i don’t see it as a sacrifice though i enjoyed researching it and writing the first few scripts i had never done a comic before so i had a lot to learn, I read them all the time but had never thought about writing one.


    Im sure there are social set backs and people thinking that you think that you are better than them, a bird told me that your uni professor hated it as well


        I can neither confirm nor deny this. What i will say is that if you want to write and think you have a story to tell, do it.


    But whats funny is that youre published and IGN loves it. Youre making shit happen from rural England. We all know how inspiring rural England is, what made you break out of the get-pissed-on-the-daily lifestyle?


        Writing is just a passion of mine, i’ve always known i wanted to go into something creative and i think i just fell into writing through reading a lot when i was younger. I also watched a shit ton of films.


    People take a lot of drugs to expand their mind, far as I know youre an ex-heroin-acid head who found religion and that allowed you to create the world of snow, is that true?


       Maybe in another life and my dying thought in that life was the idea for Snow….

    If not, how do you find inspiration without finding inspiration”?



        Finding inspiration for Snow wasn’t too hard, a lot comes from having a specific scene in my head, once i write that down the rest comes relatively easy. Its like a mystery, i know one scene and then have to create the pieces around that scene for the scene to make sense. Does that make sense?


    Can you give us some insight on how the visuals are so fat?

        haha i wish i could give an insight into the visuals - that’s all Harry, the dude is a wizard. If anybody wants to see his wizardry check his Behance page. Behance.net/bazferd


    The way I see it, its all coding like the matrix, it seems like you guys are on some next level connected brain waves?


        I think it helps that Harry and I have known each other for some time, we also share similar interests in terms of films and comics so when i present something to him on paper 9/10 times it’s the exact same as my image of it. The times when it’s not it’s normally because i haven’t written it properly haha


    What I love about the creative industry is that you can take elements from your life and apply it into your work, what elements of your life have been used in the comic?

        I think the elements i’ve used are mostly just ideologies i have or feelings towards something, each lead character in Snow has a small part of my thought process in them. I think that helps keep them real..i hope it does anyway…


    Snow the movie, whens that happening?


        When someone asks for it haha


    What are some tracks to listen to while listening to reading Snow The Dawn?


        hmm for the first issue, i remember spinning a lot of The Wonder Years, Fireworks and Man Overboard. For the second issue I was listening to M83, The Libertines and blink-182. I couldn’t pick out specific tracks, but we are toying with the idea of including a playlist or something at the end of issues. I’ve seen other comics do it and i’ve always quite liked the idea, music is such an important part of my life and i’m constantly listening to something whenever i write. Writing in silence is just odd to me.


    Why Snow The Dawn?


        Snow: The Dawn was chosen because our idea with Snow is to do three seasons, each one will have a different subtitle so the first is The Dawn.


    What made you come up with that name?


     Snow? i honestly can’t remember how we came to the decision of it, i remember just thinking Jim as the lead, short for James and then Snow came into my head so James Snow.


    Do you like Ian Curtis?


       Yeah He was awesome! Control is such a great film as well.


    Nick & Norahs infinite playlist is the ultimate indie kids dream, it makes me smile every time I watch it, there is nothing wrong about dudes watching romantic films, legalize emotions!


        haha i concur, Nick & Norah’s is exceptional as well the last piece of dialogue is epic.


    Dikembe Mutombo


        Chicago Bowls


    I wouldnt call you straight edge, but youve been sober for a long time and we never got properly drunk on those nights out together, so, what is your vice?


        haha i’m normally skint! I’m not entirely sure what my vice is…maybe coffee or food like mexican food, i have an addiction to mexican food.


    Man for your one shot, the phrase never judge a book by its cover suits it so well because the cover is pretty weird and then the first comic , is nice, but then yours comes in and its like. The first time I saw Man Half Machine, looked at them and was all, HA, Boy band, but they had sound man.. Sound. Your comic is visually loud as fuck is what Im trying to say and no one is expecting it because of the pages leading up to it. Its like finding a diamond in the charity shop.


        haha thanks man, I really dig the front cover, i quite liked the idea of all these different covers in the anthology as well it creates identities and uniqueness


    Dimthroat just signed the next big thing in the comic industry, agree?


        haha if anyone ever calls us that i’ll buy you a pack of Cheetos


    How did you get signed in the first place?


       DimThroat was through a review site called Bag & Bored, DimThroat got in touch for the anthology and it turns out they liked Snow and asked if they could publish it in the states.


    The power of social media helps you get your work out doesnt it?


        Yeah, social media is awesome! I’m more of a twitter or instagram guy then facebook, but i love the interaction that social media allows.


    Do you want to hear a joke?
    -           Accountants are the new creative boys in town



        Terrible joke

    Its not funny is it, but it conveys a strong message to the youth.




    Whats your favorite Weezer song?


    Hmmm Don’t Let Go,  It’s such an opener and it’s just a bad ass track!


    Be totally honest, when can we see issue 2 and can we get any spoilers?


        haha hopefully soon, script is done, storyboard is done, Harry (Hughes) has completed the first two pages and is hard at work on the rest. Spoilers? why would you want that? I’ll give you key words instead, Banquet, Pain, Cliff Hanger and Jealousy. I have no idea if they all make sense haha


    I love dickheads in the creative environment for they are not creative, its strictly ego and delusion, it makes me laugh so hard, does it make you laugh?



        I have yet to meet someone who is truly egotistical, I’m sure they exist but i’ve been lucky to not meet them. I’ve met people who have ‘stock’ work and claim its unique due to the smallest thing which, for me, doesn’t make it amazing. It’s good but not that good.


    Can I put your phone number here so people can call and ask you questions themselves?


        Please don’t, i get enough random calls off 0800’s


    I don’t need your permission




    Lets get personal, recommend 5 movies and 5 albums people should listen to and watch in the summer.


       5 movies. not in any order, but just 5 movies to see this summer.


    1.      X-Men Days of Future Past

    2.      The Way Way Back

    3.      Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing

    4.      Bad Neighbours

    5.      The Darjeeling Limited


     5 albums, not in any order.


    1.      Red Gold Green LP by RDGLDGRN

    2.      Ghost Stories by Coldplay

    3.      Forcefield by Tokyo Police Club

    4.      Twelve Years by Daytrader

    5.      Davy by Coconut Records


    Please get back into photography, your angles were the shit and your reflections are boss.



       haha i’ll try too

    Tell Jackie whats up, keep it real man.


    PEACE (great band)

    For More Information Please Visit


     Twitter: Goodie2212

    Instagram: goodie182 , yesphil 

    (All photography is mine)



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